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I was born in Balve in 1967. My father, Willy Schulte, a designer, introduced me to the world of art when I was a child.


Thus, dealing with art and artistic creation has accompanied me my entire life.


My work is not stringent. I don't dwell on any technique or expression. So I'm always on the lookout and always discovering new ways. ​


Nature-related topics appeal to me just as much as socially critical ones. On my travels and in my everyday life, I photograph situations that often serve as inspiration for my work. ​


From 1993 to 1999 I studied visual communication in Trier and Düsseldorf, graduating with a diploma in communication design.


From 1997 to 2006 I worked in various international advertising agencies.


I've been a freelancer since 2006. ​


From 2018 to 2020 I was a member of the Kunst Brühl studio community. ​


I have been a member of co/Atelier Köln Süd since 2021.

Since 2023 I am a full member of the  Künstlerverein Malkasten Düsseldorf.



2012 - PopUp Gallery Cologne

2015 - Open Studios Cologne

2018 - Open Studios in Brühl

2019 - Open Studios Brühl

2020 - PopUp Gallery Brühl

2021 - Open Studios Cologne

2021 - "Selfie" exhibition co/Atelier Köln

2022 - "The year of the tiger" - exhibition co/Atelier Köln

2022 - Gypsilon Aachen

2022 - Soloshow co/Atelier Köln

2022 - Open Studios Cologne

2023 - Paris Art Fair

2023 - ARTe Fusion Stuttgart

2023 - Monat Gallery Exhibition "Meraki" Madrid

2023 - Soloshow K49 Cologne

2023 - The Stage Gallery Bonn

2023 - "Das kleine Format" Künstlerverein Malkasten Düsseldorf

2023 - EDITOON #2 Galerie room Köln

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